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Forest Snow
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Firm Background

Snow Capital Management is a diverse, employee-owned investment management firm that employs a fundamental contrarian value approach to investing. We have an experienced staff of 9 investment professionals including the founder and CIO, Richard Snow. The firm evolved from a family office in 2001 and has grown due to our commitment to our investment philosophy.

Investment Philosophy and Process

Our investment philosophy is contrarian and has been categorized as relative-to-deep value. We apply a fundamental research process to assemble concentrated portfolios of undervalued, out-of-favor stocks where temporary to intermediate term difficulties are eclipsing solid long-term prospects. Snow Capital has practiced responsible investing since the inception of the firm. Responsible investing is incorporated into the Snow investment process. ESG issues are integrated into all investment decisions. Investment ideas are sourced across all market capitalizations and industries.

Our Products

The Snow Capital investment philosophy and process are the same across all strategies. Portfolio construction differs by strategy, with holdings ranging from 18-60 positions depending on the strategy. We are investing in approximately 100 stocks, and there can be overlap across the products. The portfolios are benchmark agnostic, but benchmark aware and therefore have a high Active Share. Strategies include: All Cap Value, Equity Income, Focused Value, Large Cap Value, Small Cap Value, SMID Cap Value, Long/Short/Opportunistic, and a long biased hedge fund.


Maribeth D. Donnelly
Principal | Managing Director Institutional Sales
Phone: (724) 934-5874 | Mobile: (412) 370-1090

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