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Firm Background

Robinson Capital Management is a 100% employee-owned independent investment advisor specialized in developing traditional and alternative fixed income solutions for institutional and individual investors. As fixed income managers, Robinson Capital believes it prudent to manage and balance both risks and returns over multiple business cycles, while never forgetting that we are ultimately there to protect our clients’ capital. Our leadership and investment team has over 35+ years of fixed income experience and we are one of the largest and most active investors in the publicly traded closed-end mutual fund market.

Investment Philosophy and Process

Robinson Capital’s focus on alternative value investing strategies, particularly through closed-end funds, is designed to generate higher cash flow yields and have lower correlations with stock and bond markets. In today’s yield starved environment, traditional fixed income strategies have a hard time generating enough income to justify the underlying risks (credit and/or interest rate). Robinson Capital has helped solve this dilemma for investors by utilizing closed-end funds to enhance the yield investors receive while also providing greater capital appreciation potential as discounts revert to NAV. It is our belief that the closed-end fund market is truly the last inefficient public securities market and offers a pure visible alpha opportunity in the form of irrational closed-end fund discounts.

Our investment process utilizes a defined and repeatable bottom-up, value approach to evaluate both bonds and closed-end funds across the fixed income space. We believe this approach will create value over the long term for our clients and ultimately deliver a meaningful additional source of returns.

Our Products

Robinson Capital manages a diverse range of fixed income strategies for both institutional and individual investors. This suite of products offers a one stop income focused solution for our clients. Strategies include: Municipal Bond, Multi Sector Bond, Enhanced Cash, Certificate of Deposit in Place Program, and Intermediate Government/Credit. Robinson is also the sub-advisor to the Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund (ROBNX, ROBCX & ROBAX) and the Robinson Opportunistic Income Fund (RBNNX, RBNAX & RBCAX).


James Robinson, CEO/CIO
Jonathan Browne, Portfolio Manager

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