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Karner Blue Capital is an SEC-registered, woman majority-owned firm that provides pioneering investment strategies dedicated to biodiversity, animal welfare and environmental stewardship worldwide. The following attributes of Karner Blue Capital reinforce our commitment to ESG:

  • Certified B Corporation

  • UN PRI signatory

  • Finance for Biodiversity Pledge Founding Signatory

  • WBE: Woman-owned business enterprise

  • Biodiversity research platform

  • Liquid mutual fund

  • SMA series including Vegan Momentum, global and US based portfolios


How We Invest: The Karner Blue Capital Investment Process

Karner Blue Capital biodiversity research analysts benchmark companies operating in specific industries considered to have material dependencies and/or impacts on biodiversity based on KBC’s proprietary industry-specific frameworks. Only companies that have met an overall ESG threshold are considered. The KBC frameworks, or “models”, are comprised of key performance indicators that represent significant environmental, social and governmental risks specific to each industry. These risks are wide- ranging and those attributed to “E” include resource dependency, pollution, and invasive species mitigation. Risks specific to “S” include threats to human health, including pandemics, social license to operate, changing societal and consumer preferences, and changing demographics. Risks specific to “G” include legislative and tax regime changes, political lobbying, and anti-corruption measures. KBC also evaluates industry and company-specific innovations and opportunities, focusing on those companies developing technologies to mitigate their impacts, inventing alternative products and services that disrupt traditional status quo operating protocols, all in the name of biodiversity, animal welfare and environmental protection.








ESG is Not Enough: KBC’s Commitment to Leaders

To move our world in the direction of change for good, only those companies leading their industry in biodiversity performance are further evaluated for financial opportunity by our investment team. We apply Quality at a Reasonable Price fundamental financial analysis to assess companies in the investable universe on growth, profitability, valuation, and balance sheet metrics to create a portfolio of public equities characterized by both robust sustainability practices and financial prospects.

Additional information regarding KBC’s series of biodiversity-focused strategies is available at or by contacting us:


Robert Clapham

301-527-6372 ext. 104

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