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Firm Background:

Frontier Global Partners (FGP) is an independent, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) certified minority owned investment advisor. Created through the 2018 merger of Frontier Market Asset Management, LLC and HAV Capital, LLC, FGP has nine employee-partners and three non-employee-partners, with the nine employee-partners owning 97.6% of equity in the firm. Through highly inclusionary employee ownership and a generalist approach to analysis and portfolio management we encourage diverse ways of thinking and discourse in order to deliver exceptional client outcomes.

Our Products:

FGP manages investment strategies across frontier, international, global and emerging market equities that have one singular objective: to build portfolios that will outperform market averages over full cycles, consistently and with repeatability. Stock selection decisions drive the construction of our portfolios, and portfolio construction differs by strategy; position sizes are determined by value-at-risk calculations and all strategies have high Active Share.

Investment Philosophy:

Our investment philosophy is rooted in the tenets of behavioral finance. We recognize investors are prone to overconfidence, anchoring, herd behavior, loss aversion and confirmation bias. We believe the increased use of computers to trade on information almost instantaneously magnifies these behaviors. Accordingly, we analyze stocks relative to these behavioral tendencies to identify mispriced opportunities.

Our approach to stock analysis and building strong portfolios include:

  • Identifying and investing in high quality companies selling at prices that reflect good value (quality at a reasonable price, “QUARP”).

  • Investing in companies that fit our investment criteria for growth potential, with the additional downside protection or margin of error from favorable valuations.

  • Building standard and consistent checklists which allow us to replicate our process across our people, across sectors and markets.

  • Seeking low turnover and minimizing trading costs.

Understanding that behavioral finance is not a science, we mix science and art in building our portfolios.

Sunshine Alexis Stein
Chief Marketing Officer, Partner
Address: 7776 Ivanhoe Avenue, Suite 150 La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: 858-456-1440 | Direct: 858-210-3301
Mobile: 858-539-9574 | Fax: +1 858-456-2040


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