Investment Management Institute (IMI) is a leading education and research organization servicing institutional investors and wealthy families internationally. Established in Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1981, IMI has developed an extensive network of over 25,000 institutional investor relationships.

Acting as an educational liaison and advisor between senior investment professionals, consultants and asset managers creates an unparalleled partnership within the institutional investor community. IMI’s comprehensive understanding of current investment trends, knowledge of the investors’ perspective, and our industry research differentiates IMI. Over the years, this unique role has afforded IMI the opportunity to successfully bring together the institutional investor community in intimate, educationally-focused meetings to interpret and discuss the global challenges facing investors in our ever changing economic environment.

IMI’s Forums and Conferences create an environment where participants explore issues and innovations impacting investors. IMI has developed a Customized Solutions Practice to assist traditional and alternative asset managers.

IMI has also recently launched a OCIO Exchange to showcase new Outsourced CIO products tailored to Institutional Investors. IMI introduces its Emerging Manager Central, now available to help Emerging Managers reach institutional investors and consultants.