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Multifamily Investing through Recession & Recovery

Multifamily real estate has proven resilient and has outperformed through recessions, recoveries and now a global pandemic. Like all areas of investing, not all markets are created equal. ApexOne has conducted substantial and proprietary research to help identify and understand markets that will recover and thrive in the post pandemic economy.  To read our thought leadership on multifamily investing through recession & recovery, click here.

Housing Our Nation’s Workforce

ApexOne Investment Partners is a leading real estate investment management firm dedicated to multifamily assets throughout the United States.  We define ourselves as value add and opportunistic, focusing on existing multifamily complexes with strong potential for yield and a significant total return to our investors.  ApexOne’s senior leadership team has more than 150 years of combined real estate experience, completing over $11 billion in real estate projects and transactions over their careers.  Since our inception in 2012, our team has successfully initiated four funds focusing on workforce house, student housing, and multifamily housing, investing in 45 properties valued at $1.3 billion at purchase.

ApexOne believes its competitive advantage is a combination of its dedicated focus to the multifamily sector, the team’s deep experience, and the firm’s philosophy which is that returns start at the residents’ front door. We pride ourselves on our Preferred Sponsor Designation with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which provides numerous benefits to our portfolios and ultimately to our investors, as well as our early ‘Green Up’ acknowledgement as we seek to minimize waste, maximize value to our residents and produce exceptional results for our investors.

A Differentiated Footprint

ApexOne’s investment team employs a disciplined investment process, conducting deep due diligence on each investment opportunity.  The team focuses on idiosyncratic market inefficiencies to screen, select, enhance and manage acquired assets. We focus on secondary cities, where competition from institutional investors can be less intense but investment results can be exceptional when mismanaged. We target established properties to maximize conservation of resources, minimize environmental impact, and enhance the quality of life for residents without pricing them out of the community. This model has permitted us to buy assets at significant discounts, and to maximize occupancy, retention and rent adjustments. We conduct extensive, on the ground research on each property which includes active property visits and local assessment, full analysis on existing and cash flow projections, comprehensive vetting of property financials, market analysis report, loan, insurance and tax analysis, sales and rent comparable data, and an expansive economic market assessment integrating a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional variables.

Partners in Multifamily Housing

As investors in the ApexOne offerings ourselves, our objectives are to preserve and protect investor capital, provide stable cash flow, capture capital appreciation, and reasonably minimize adverse tax consequences. We build strong relationships with all parties involved in each transaction, including brokers, sellers, joint venture partners, lenders, and purchasers.  After a prospective portfolio investment has been identified, the investment team will conduct a complete underwriting of the property including extensive engagement of area and property resources.

Once an investment is made, ApexOne outsources the everyday management of the property-to-property management experts, ensuring a complete focus on exceptional management without conflicts of interest.  Our team continues to work directly with the property manager to achieve the objectives of the ownership in the most effective and efficient manner.  In addition to monitoring the property managers, the ApexOne Portfolio and Asset Managers will conduct monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews of each Portfolio Investment’s performance, visit properties regularly to ensure objectives are being met, oversee renovations, and adherence to an annual budget for each Portfolio Investment.

A History of Nationwide Multifamily Investing

From our first fund launched in 2014, through our Fund IV Special Situations offering, ApexOne provides a highly transparent, hands on investor experience. We encourage our investors to join us in visiting properties of interest, to understand the value proposition of providing multifamily housing solutions across our nation, and to take advantage of our extensive portal to learn more about our portfolio of properties. To learn more please visit us online at or contact us @ (713) 784-8100 or by emailing us at

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